Precautions And Checkouts Before Purchasing Commercial Property In Kolkata

At the point when buying property in kolkata for bussiness, you must contemplate various things. Regardless of how substantial or little a business you run, you should be cantered around area from the earliest starting point till the end of your inquiry. Keep in mind, there is nobody stops shop that can help you with purchasing this property. You need to make a group with your most solid staff individuals and start your hunt.

Much of the time, entrepreneurs can’t choose whether to purchase a business property or lease it. A few guidelines of searching for this sort of land are same as searching for lofts in Kolkata. Here are a couple of things that you have to remember.

Occupation Land

As said some time recently, this is the first component. On the off chance that you need your business premises to be at an area that your clients, accomplices and representatives can reach effectively, you will need to search for a prime area in the city. Notwithstanding, taking into account the kind of your business, your business property in kolkata ought to in a perfect world be arranged at a spot close to the rail line station, the parkway or the coast.

Present Position

On the off chance that it’s a resale property, pay consideration on its condition, how it was utilized, when it was constructed and the harm repair that you have to embrace. On the off chance that it would seem that it needs a great deal of repair, the best exhortation would be to not take it, unless it sits at a prime area.


Assess how well the business property can be utilized. Will it permit enough space for you to perform each operation easily? On the off chance that the answer is €yes’, consider the property.

Middle Stoppages

Does the property accompany development or redesigning confinements in the inside/outside? You may need to change the look and feel of the property to make it more adjusted to your business. Verify it permits you to do as such.


Much the same as flats in Kolkata must be open so that proprietors and labourers can arrive effectively; a business land likewise should be as available as could reasonably be expected. This element is interlaced with the area variable.

Break downs

Auto stopping office is greatly vital for your clients, customers, business accomplices, staff and yourself. Not everybody may possess an auto, but rather an auto park guarantees that the individuals who do, need not stress over where to keep their auto when they go about their organizations.

Ways Of Extending Approaches

You normally need your business to develop. However, keeping in mind the end goal to develop, your business needs additional space. Ask yourself; will the property in kolkata have the capacity to suit new divisions, new work force and so on?

After you’ve experienced every one of these focuses the variable of fund. Counsel a specialist to learn whether you ought to go for a lease or buy. We are not discussing little flats in Kolkata. This a business property we are examining and you must figure out everything you can before obtaining it. As it would turn out, your business will rely on upon it. So be watchful and converse with your bookkeeper, attorney, home loan dealer and business specialist

Distance MBA – A need for Modern Working Class

Every individual and professional these days leaves no stone unturned to elevate their knowledge on a constant basis. Seeking the knowledge related to management is not just important but also a need to ensure that you have a secure professional and entrepreneurial life and career. There are ample numbers of reasons that don’t allow the individuals to do their MBA in the regular manner and get a regular post-graduation degree in management. No matter how good your ladder of success has been, at some point you would definitely feel the need to get this master’s degree and travel that path which is still abandoned. To keep you abreast of what is happening and succeeding in all walks of professional life without having to give up your career or job, the distance MBA comes as a savior. With the help of these distance MBA programs, the aspirations of all the working class in the modern era get fulfilled.

Gone are the days when people strived to get higher education. Instead of leaving your job or going to some night college, opt for the distance MBA. With the usage of internet at its full pace, you don’t need to go for full time or part time MBA. The reputed colleges and universities from all over the world provide this style of education to the aspirants. Getting the best quality of education right at your doorstep is one of the many benefits associated with the MBA distance education. As per your convenience, you can choose your studying time and complete your MBA without having to find out extra time for it.
Since the distance MBA is one of the most comfortable and convenient forms of education, it simply proves to be a boon for the modern working class. Apart from being friendly in terms of time, this sort of education is considerably cheap and cost effective in comparison to the traditional or part time MBA programs. Other than simply the course fee, you can save a lot of money that people otherwise spend on travelling to their college or on accommodation.
From a working individual’s point of view, there is nothing more that he can ask for in terms of what distance MBA provides. Your freedom to study and earn simultaneously is one of those golden opportunities that help you polish your management skills without having to make tiring efforts or emptying your pockets. Better package, better job profile, filtered knowledge and advanced research skills are some of the things that the distance MBA will help you learn. There are various courses offered these days by a no. of universities including MBA in Marketing,MBA in Finance, etc.On commencement of the program, your knowledge as an already working professional gets enhanced and leads to you fetching better opportunities in terms of your professional life.
Looking all the benefits associated, there comes on second thought on the topic of distance MBA especially for the working professionals and the service class of today’s era. More than a degree, the distance MBA is an idea.

Teaching attracting more Oxbridge graduates

Oxford graduates

The number of Oxford and Cambridge graduates teaching in state schools has nearly doubled to 11,000 in the past 12 years, a report says.

The Sutton Trust education charity report says education is the top area of employment for Oxford graduates.

Teach First, which recruits top graduates into teaching, said the profession’s status had been raised.

Independent schools are three times more likely to have Oxbridge-educated teachers than state schools,

The report says: “While there remains a gap between the state and independent sectors, however, there is evidence that this gap has narrowed.

“Since 2003, and extrapolating from the findings of this report, it can be estimated that the state sector has recruited about 6,000 additional secondary teachers from Oxbridge, while recruitment to the independent sector from the same has remained broadly stable.

“Extrapolating these figures for the nation as a whole, it can be said that there are now more Oxbridge-educated graduates in the state sector, than in the independent.

“This suggests that, while there is clearly a long way still to go, there has been progress in realising the goals of consecutive governments to recruit more teachers educated at the nation’s best universities into the state school system.”

Subject knowledge

Teach First founder Brett Wigdortz said: “Teach First is proud to have played a part in raising the status of the profession, with teaching now being seen as one of the most prestigious careers for the graduates.

“Great teaching and leadership are among the most powerful forces for social change.”

The Sutton Trust stresses a top university degree is not the only factor needed for good teaching, but highlights its own earlier research saying solid subject knowledge is a key quality for able teachers.

It also looks at the subject specialisms held by teachers in the state and independent sectors, and cites Department for Education figures saying 86% of state secondary English, maths and science teachers hold a relevant post-A Level qualification.

Teachers of science and maths in independent schools, however, are slightly more likely to have relevant post-A Level than their state counterparts.


Sir Peter Lampl, chairman of the Sutton Trust, said: “Although today’s figures show that there has been progress over the past few years, with better qualified teachers and more from Oxbridge, it’s vital that we do more to ensure that pupils from low- and middle-income backgrounds are just as likely to access the best teachers as their more advantaged peers.”

Nansi Ellis, assistant general secretary at the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, said the change said more about the state of the economy than the status of the profession.

She added: “Being an Oxbridge graduate may well give you some good subject knowledge, but it’s not the only place for getting a good degree.

“If you are somebody who has gone through the education system without much struggle, that might mean you are less able to explain things well to children who are struggling.”

A Department for Education spokesman said: “This report proves that teaching remains a hugely popular career – there are now more teachers in England’s classrooms than ever before, with record levels of top graduates continuing to join the profession.

“We want to ensure that teaching remains an attractive choice for graduates. Our teacher recruitment campaign, Your future Their future, is playing a key role and we continue to offer bursaries worth up to £25,000 as well as prestigious scholarships.”

CBI head calls for GCSEs to be scrapped

Exam hall

The head of the CBI says a date must be set in the next five years to scrap GCSEs and introduce an exam system with equal status for vocational subjects.

John Cridland, director general of the employers’ group, says England’s exam system is narrow and out of date.

He proposes a system in which the most important exams would be A-levels, including both academic and vocational subjects, taken at the age of 18.

Ministers are pushing for all pupils to take a core group of academic GCSEs.

“By the end of this parliament, I want to see the date for the last GCSEs circled in the secretary of state’s diary,” said Mr Cridland, who warns of a “false choice” between academic and vocational lessons.

In a speech at the annual Festival of Education at Wellington College, Mr Cridland will set out an employers’ blueprint for improving schools.

He says that for too long “we’ve just pretended” to have an exam system that values vocational education, when in practice, exams have operated as stepping stones towards a university degree.


Mr Cridland argues that GCSEs have been made an irrelevance when pupils stay in education or training until the age of 18.

In having such major exams at the age of 16, he says: “We have to face the uncomfortable truth that – internationally – we’re the oddballs.”


“GCSEs are past their sell-by date and should be retired.”

He says that the only purpose they serve now is to allow measurement of schools through league tables.

The proposal to scrap GCSEs comes as ministers are pushing for an even greater emphasis on academic GCSEs, with plans for all pupils to have to take core academic subjects.

This announcement “misses the point that we need curriculum reform, not just exam reform”, says the CBI chief.

“The government must make a start on a full review of 14-to-18 education by the end of the summer.”

‘Not second best’

Mr Cridland describes the current vocational education as a “restricted, unloved range of options” and “a social and economic own goal”.

“Non-academic routes should be rigorous and different to academic ones, but not second best.”

The lack of a strong vocational education at the moment means that many pupils are poorly served, he says, as not all children are suited to a narrowly academic approach.

For employers, it can mean that they have to carry out “remedial” work with young recruits to get them ready for the workplace.

From the perspective of employers, he says the school system needs to teach skills beyond academic lessons, such as character and resilience.

“Debates about schools structure and exam reform are sterile if they aren’t linked to outcomes for young people. And that is a missing link in our system.”

He also called for an Ofsted system that recognises innovation, rather than an excessive focus on data. “Rebel head teachers succeed in spite of the system, not because of it,” he says.

Mr Cridland also wants more engagement from business in education.

The lack of good quality careers education remains a major problem, he says, and he argues that businesses should play a bigger part in making links between school and employment.

“Schools shouldn’t be places where businesspeople drop their kids at the beginning of the day like they drop off their dry-cleaning,” he says.

The Department for Education said: “A rigorous academic curriculum until age 16 is the best way to ensure that every child succeeds, regardless of their background, and allows us to be ambitious for everyone, to keep options open and horizons broad.”

A department spokeswoman said A-levels had been reformed “to ensure they are equipping young people with the skills and knowledge for higher education and the world of work”.


CAT exams are known to be the best for getting admissions in prestigious business schools in India. This norm is changing and more different types of entrance examinations are now available that will carve a pathway to your favorite institute. Even though CAT is still running as the preferred test for MBA aspirants, but there are other tests like GMAT, XAT and SNAP that are popular as well. The CAT syllabus is almost similar and they only differ in the exam pattern, which is fairly easy to get familiar with.

Students preparing for CAT are advised to appear for other alternatives in case they don’t get the desired percentile. These tests are as known to get you in great business schools even if you don’t make the cut-off in CAT.


Below mentioned are some of the best and most preferred alternate to CAT examination that will guarantee your success.

  1. GMAT

Also known as Graduate Management Admission Test, this particular examination is a standardized check required to get admission in many business school. It is a perfect medium to measure a candidate’s ability and is one of the best substitutes for CAT contenders. This test will not include any business related topics and is meant to check your general IQ and basic problem solving skills.

  1. CMAT

This is the latest addition to the official list of national entrance tests for MBA admission in India. It is now a mandatory and sole test for admission in over 4000 institutes across the country. It is launched to provide a relief for the students who have to appear for multiple entrance examinations, to get admission in a single university.

  1. MAT

MAT stands for Management Aptitude Test and is a standardized test for many national or international B-schools. It is also government approved and will give you the passport to get admission in over 600 business school all over India. It is a lot similar to CAT but is comparatively less difficult and more easy to crack.

  1. XAT

If you are looking to get your MBA degree from a very highly reputed institute known as Xavier Institute of Management, then XAT is a test you must appear for. It stands for Xavier Aptitude Test and will give you a chance to go to this business school situated in Jamshedpur in state of Jharkhand, India. The pattern is fairly simple than CAT and consists of General Awareness, Essay Questions, Logical Reasoning Skills and Verbal Ability.

  1. SNAP

This is another institute based test conducted by Symbiosis International University. It stands for Symbiosis National Aptitude Test and will mandatory to get admission in this university. The exam is equally divided into 4 sections: General English, Quantitative and Data Interpretation, General Knowledge, Analytical & Logical Reasoning.

Even if CAT is not one of your favorite exams, there are plenty of other entrances that will give you an opportunity to get into a great business school and avail your dream degree.


SNP teacher ban for independent schools is 'anti-English'

The SNP wants to ban teachers not registered in Scotland from being employed in independent schools

SNP plans to ban independent schools from employing teachers not registered in Scotland appear “very anti-English” and pose a major threat to the quality of education that is offered to their pupils, MSPs have been warned.

Rod Grant, the head of Clifton Hall School in Edinburgh, described the plan as a “ludicrous waste of talent” and said it would mean Scottish independent schools would in theory be banned from employing even Stephen Hawking to teach physics.

He said that forcing independent schoolteachers to be registered with the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) would prevent institutions from employing anyone outside Scotland and this appeared to be “politically motivated” as there was no educational benefit.

In an outspoken submission to MSPs, he described the GTCS as “thoroughly incompetent” and cited a case of another head teacher, recently employed from England by an independent school in Edinburgh, who was told he may have to take a maths test before he could be registered in Scotland.

The renowned International School of Aberdeen described the plans as “devastating” for its programme and warned they could even force its closure, while the Scottish Council of Independent Schools (SCIS), the body representing the sector, warned they could force its members to cut the number of subjects taught.

The change is included in a little-noticed section of the Education (Scotland) Bill, currently going through the Scottish Parliament, which has attracted major controversy over its provisions forcing local authorities to close the “attainment gap” between the best and worst state schools.

The legislation gives SNP ministers additional powers, which its explanatory note states they intend to use “to require that all teachers in independent schools should be General Teaching Council for Scotland registered.”

The GTCS is the official regulator for the teaching profession in Scotland but Mr Grant told Holyrood’s education committee there was “no good reason” for the change this as all independent schoolteachers already go through “rigorous vetting procedures”.

“Many teachers within independent schools come from England or further afield. It is not possible to register these teachers with the GTCS on appointment. The effect of this would be to stop any school in Scotland from employing anyone from outside its borders,” he said, warning this would be a breach of EU law.

“In addition, what this Bill would do would stop an independent school from employing Stephen Hawking from teaching Physics or Damien Hirst from teaching Art. That is a ludicrous waste of talent, ability and resource.”

Mr Grant concluded: “If this Bill is ‘progress’ I for one am puzzled. I can see no justification for this change and it would appear to be politically motivated and very anti English/non-Scottish nationals.”

Clifton Hall School included a nursery, junior and senior school and charges up to £10,890 a year in fees. Its alumni include Rory Bremner, the comedian, and Jim Clark, the Formula One driver.

The International School of Aberdeen specialises in educating families who have moved from across the world to the North East thanks to the oil industry. In his submission to the committee, Daniel Hovde, its director, said that only 12 of its 68 teaching staff are GTCS registered as it requires skills that “go well beyond” this.

“If the school were unable to deliver its unique ‘international’ programme, the financial impact would be devastating and could even possibly eliminate the school in future. In turn, this would adversely affect the oil and gas companies by whom the majority of our students are enrolled,” he warned.

The SCIS questioned what problem ministers were trying to remedy given its members’ excellent academic records and noted that independent schoolteachers are already monitored through a formal professional development framework.

It expressed major concerns that the rule change would also apply to sports coaches and instrumental music instructors, warning this would result in a “significant loss to the rich educational opportunities provided by independent schools.”

There is also a “real danger” the move would prevent schools teaching subjects that are not part of the standard curriculum, such as history of art or the Classics, where there is a shortage of registered teachers.

Warning that some “outstanding” teachers would fall foul of the rule change, SCIS called for a process that would allow someone to be appointed and provisionally registered in Scotland, subject to he or she meeting the GTCS’s requirements within a set period of time.

A Scottish Government spokesman said: “High quality teaching and strong leadership are key features of our approach to learning in Scotland.

“The requirement for all teachers working in independent and grant aided schools to be registered through the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) will offer assurance to parents that irrespective of where their children are educated, all teachers will meet the high standards demanded by GTCS registration.”

Michelle Obama visits London to promote girls' education


LONDON — First lady Michelle Obama met students here Tuesday as she visited the city to promote girls’ education.

Some of the young people at east London’s Mulberry School for Girls held American and British flags to greet Obama, who earlier took tea with Prince Harry.

Obama will host a roundtable discussion at the school to promote the “Let Girls Learn” initiative, aimed at helping adolescent girls around the world complete their education. She announced the initiative with President Obama at the White House in March and promoted it during a trip to Japan and Cambodia later that month

In an article for the Financial Times, Obama wrote that more than 62 million girls around the world are not in school.

“Every time I meet these girls on my travels abroad, I am blown away by their passion, intelligence and hunger to learn — and I cannot help but see my daughters in them,” she wrote.

“Like my own girls, each of these young women has the spark of something extraordinary inside. The only difference is that my girls have had the opportunity to develop their promise.”

The first lady is is due to meet with Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife Samantha later Tuesday.

E3: Microsoft, Sony hog limelight

E3: Microsoft, Sony hog limelight

LOS ANGELES: Console kings Microsoft and Sony battled for players’ hearts with blockbuster games and the lure of virtual worlds as the Electronic Entertainment Expo was poised begin in Los Angeles on June 16.

The companies behind Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (PS4) consoles staged flashy media events where they showed off dizzying action games and spotlighted exclusive content.

Microsoft grabbed the spotlight with word that people will be able to play beloved old video games on new-generation Xbox One consoles. Gamers have long-desired such “backward compatibility” for titles, which typically retail for about $60.

Microsoft touted “exclusive” blockbuster content, including “Halo 5 Guardians,” from in-house teams and early availability of hotly anticipated video games such as “Rise of the Tomb Raider,” set for release late this year by outside studios.

“If you have been waiting to move from your Xbox 360 to Xbox One, now is the time,” Xbox division head Phil Spencer said.

Sony PlayStation 4 consoles trounced Xbox One after the new generation consoles hit the market in late 2013.

Microsoft since lowered the price and increased the focus on game play, rather than features such as streaming films, and has begun narrowing the sales gap.

The ability to re-play previous generation Xbox games promised to be a hit with gamers who have lamented that upgrading to new hardware, historically, has come with leaving behind old titles that don’t work on new consoles.

“Xbox One backward capability allows you to play the games you have already invested in,” Spencer said, eliciting raucous cheers from an audience of gamers, partners and the press.

Xbox executive Mike Ybarra promised that more than 100 titles would be available by year’s end in a library of games with backward compatibility, crowing that a personal favorite, “Mass Effect,” will be among them.

Xbox and PlayStation are both investing in new franchises, along with cultivating creative original content from small independent studios.

Microsoft studios announced a partnership with famed Japanese game designer Keiji Inafune, Mark Pacini and teams at Comcept and Armature Studio to debut an all-new Xbox One exclusive titled “ReCore.”

Independent games in the works for Xbox One included “Beyond Eyes,” in which the main character is blind and engages her world using other senses, and a “Cuphead” game with the intentional vintage look of a 1930s era cartoon.

Microsoft played up the work done to harmonize play across Xbox One and computers powered by Windows 10 operating software due for release later this year.

Sony fired back June 15 evening, proclaiming a “new era” of PlayStation gaming complete with big-name games and the dawn of virtual reality on its powerful PlayStation 4 consoles.

The Japanese entertainment titan boasted an array of beloved games for exclusive play on PlayStation 4, along with demonstrations of titles tailored to immerse players in fantasy worlds using Sony’s Project Morpheus virtual reality head gear.

“We are witnessing an historic evolution in gaming,” said Sony Computer Entertainment America chief Shawn Layden.

PlayStation is the “new home” for blockbuster “Call of Duty” franchise due to an alliance with video game publisher Activision, according to Sony Computer Entertainment president Andrew House.

Sony Studios is also expanding the humongous science fiction shooter world of its successful new “Destiny” video game centered on seemingly limitless online play.

Blockbuster titles promised PS4 lovers included “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End,” due out early next year.

Microsoft announced a partnership with Valve VR to make Windows 10 a platform for play using virtual reality head gear.

Facebook-owned Oculus last week said its Rift virtual reality head gear will come with an Xbox controller due to an alliance with console maker Microsoft.

Virtual reality “experiences” will be built on top of Windows and that Xbox games will be playable on Rift, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft used the Xbox One event at E3 to show off a version of popular Minecraft game make for play using the HoloLens augmented-reality visors, which have yet to hit the market.

Sony’s House boasted that developers were embracing crafting games that give players 360-degree perspectives in worlds visited using Morpheus virtual reality head gear Sony is readying for market.

He showed off a “Rigs” arena battle game and teased other titles that visitors to the PlayStation booth at E3 will get to play.

“Project Morpheus is real, evolving, and continues to capture the imagination of developers,” House said.

I knew nothing about this: Former foreign secy Sujatha Singh on Sushma-Lalit Modi row

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Sujatha Singh, who was foreign secretary at the time Lalit Modi got his travel documents, has said that External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj did not consult her on the issue.

Asked whether she was consulted by Swaraj, Singh told The Indian Express, “I knew nothing about this… Zero… I have nothing more to say.”

This assumes significance given that the foreign secretary looks after the UK, among other countries. Sources said she should have been the first person to be consulted on an issue of such “sensitive nature”.

Singh, who was foreign secretary between July 2013 and January 2015, was asked to quit by the NDA government five months before her stint was supposed to end.

The External Affairs Ministry had revoked Modi’s passport in 2010 after he left India for London following an investigation by the Enforcement Directorate against him for alleged betting and misappropriation of funds in the IPL tournament.

The ED had also issued a blue corner notice for Modi through the Interpol.

While Singh did not elaborate, sources said that any decision to give travel documents to Modi should have been taken in consultation with officials of the Ministries of External Affairs and Finance as well as the ED.

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Supreme Court cancels AIPMT 2015, six lakh students to sit for medical entrance exam again

Supreme Court cancels AIPMT 2015, six lakh students to sit for medical entrance exam again

New Delhi: In a big development that affects over six lakh medical aspirants, the Supreme Court on Monday set aside the 2015 All India Pre-Medical Entrance Test (AIPMT) over irregularities in the conduct of the exam.

The apex court directed the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), which conducts the exam, to re-conduct the test within four weeks.

The order was passed by the vacation bench of Justices RK Agrawal and Amitava Roy which ruled on a batch of petitions seeking re-conduct of the AIPMT following the leak of the question paper and circulation of answer keys through electronic devices at different examination centres across 10 states.

“Petitions are allowed. CBSE to hold AIPMT 2015 exam within four weeks,” the bench said in its verdict.

The apex court bench had last week reserved its verdict on the matter.

The CBSE, which had conducted the exam on May 3, had opposed the plea for re-conduct of the test, saying that it would involve a mammoth exercise spread over a long period.

The court had earlier restrained the CBSE from declaring the 2015 exam result that was originally scheduled to be announced June 5.

Appearing for CBSE, Solicitor General Ranjit Kumar had said that for the examination conducted this year on May 3, the preparations were started in October last year, noting this shows the magnitude of efforts that goes into the conduct of the examination and which will have to be re-done if court orders a re-conduct.

Contending that only 44 students have been identified to be alleged beneficiaries of the paper leak, he had said that it should not come in the way of the declaration of the results affecting 6.30 lakh students who had taken the entrance test at 1,050 examination centre across the country.

The court had, however, asked: “What message it will send to the hard working students whom burn midnight oil to prepare for the examination if they lose it to merit to such candidates.”

Telling the CBSE that it was in the know of such things going on for some time but it failed to take precautionary steps, Justice Roy had said: “You should have taken precautionary steps from 2012. Whatever precautions you have taken have failed. All these precautionary steps taken by you are outdated. You were outwitted and out-manoeuvred.”

“We are not holding the CBSE guilty for the leak,” the court had said, observing that “ultimately it was CBSE’s responsibility to have taken steps to meet the challenges posed by the information technology which has over-taken our lives”.

Asking the CBSE that it could not have been “complacent”, the court had stated that it should have taken the steps to “minimise the possibilities” of papers getting leaked and the board being outsmarted by those playing foul.

Appearing for one of the petitioners, senior counsel Jaideep Gupta had mocked the CBSE for its resistance to the fresh conduct of the examination. “Government can’t defend it. It is not proper for it to defend it. Once such facts come to light, the sanctity of exam goes. It is becoming an industry. Vijay Yadav who succeeded in the exam last year (by adopting such means), is a master solver this year.”

Interestingly the position taken by the petitioner had found backing by the Haryana Police which told the court that it was not only the 44 identified beneficiaries but the number could be much more and time frame could not be cited by the CBSE to oppose the re-conduct of the exam whose integrity stands compromised.

The court was hearing a PIL by Tanvi Sarwal, Jahnvi Shanker and others seeking the re-conduct of the AIPMT in the wake of the leakage of the question paper and subsequent answer key being circulated through electronic devices.